2008 ArtSpan Open Studios: Look for the Lips

33rd Annual ArtSpan San Francisco Open Studios
Weekend 1: Saturday, October 4 Private Preview Gala, Sunday, October 5 Exhibition Opening
All Weekend 2-5 events: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Weekend 2: October 11-12 Western SF
Weekend 3: October 18-19 Central SF
Weekend 4: October 25-26 Eastern SF
Weekend 5: November 1-2 Hunters Point Shipyard

The crisp scent of fall in the air doesn't just mean that the Cal Bears' football season has begun; that redolence of promise also indicates that it's time for ArtSpan's 33rd annual Open Studios. The event takes place over the next four weekends, beginning October 4 with the Private Preview Gala, and concluding November 1 & 2 with the crowd favorite, Hunters Point Shipyard artist colony. This is your chance to emulate a modern day de Medici and become the patron of a working local artist.

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