Guns, Sand and Seals: Art at Ocean Beach

Dean Rader is an associate professor at the University of San Francisco where he holds the National Endowment for the Humanities Chair. At present he’s writing a book on recent American Indian art, literature, and film. He also curates an arts and culture blog entitled The Weekly Rader. Read his recent contribution to the SF Chron on Native American poetry here.

If the unseasonably warm weather hasn’t lured you to the beach, would the juicy carrot of the oddest public art exhibit to hit the Bay Area in years do the trick? Part-19th century re-enactment, part still life painting, and part outdoor art installation, Thom Ross’s “Buffalo Bill and The Indians on the Beach” is a bizarre blend of history and high camp set against the dramatic backdrop of Seal Rock, Ocean Beach, and the Pacific Ocean.

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