Schoultz, Andrew: Murals With Morals

Andrew Schoultz, "In Gods We Trust" opening reception Thursday, September 4, 5:30-7:30 PM, on view through October 25, 2008; Marx & Zavattero; 77 Geary St, 2nd fl, San Francisco, 415.627.9111,

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Wondering why artists seem to be silent on the topic of the United States' hegemonic hubris? Or why there is no contemporary version of Picasso's Guernica, especially from artists in San Francisco, a city with a long history of policial activisim?

Andrew Schoultz is doing his part. That last "s" in the title of Schoultz's new show at Marx & Zavattero, "One Nation Under Gods," is not a typo, it's a statement. Schoultz's images of Armaggedon are inspired by our government's track record of arrogance, especially when dealing with countries shaped by religions other than Christianity. His outrage over the state of our environment is palpable as well. Schoultz's expression developed in the antiestablishment arena of graffiti murals, in itself an act of defiance.

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